A Horrible Award is actually just the thing!

The web television awards – The Streamys!

I watched The Streamys live feed on Saturday night while on Twitter, Facebook and The Guild Chat. The Streamy Awards were for the outstanding web television of 2008 and had 125 people and shows nominated in 25 categories. It was a great night with Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and The Guild receiving many awards. I wrote about it on the last geek bus home. And I dreamed about the day when I might be going to an award ceremony like that (it’s important to have dreams and ambitions!).


The Horrible Awards

Then, last night, I heard on Twitter that the winners of the Horrible Awards had been announced:

The Horrible Awards were created to celebrate the amazing creative spirit that swept through the internet, inspired by Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. Videos were made, songs were sung, fics were written and many, many costumes were worn.

The first I had known about them was when I received notification from the person running them, Snowpuppies, that I had been nominated in two categories. One for the ELE Application Office webseries, and one for promoting the fandom.


An award for my writing

I was ecstatic to find out last night that I had received the ‘Best non-ELE vid award’ for my webseries: ‘The ELE Applications Office’. The judges said this about the videos:

This is very difficult to judge in conventional vid terms because it’s very nearly static apart from the moving hands, which almost become characters. There are no special effects or transitions but the script is absolutely hilarious, delivered in a Northern British accent which perfectly lends itself to the dry, snarky humour. 

Despite the lack of action, the script delivers on every level and ensures that the audience becomes involved in the narrative and, crucially, is not patronised but invited into the world of the ELE Applications Processing Office.

This is high praise indeed and I am honoured to have received the award. You can see the whole webseries on YouTube or on here on this website under my Portfolio. You can also download the scripts as a PDF.


The fandom award

I care about the fandom a great deal because I understand how important it is for artists to know that their work is appreciated. And I loved the idea of these awards because there was such a massive outpouring of creativity sparked by Dr Horrible that is was a wonderful opportunity to find out about everything that had gone on. There is a huge well of talent and passion out there. I was very pleased that this award was shared:

This was a special category, in that every nominee is a winner. I decided that if someone thinks you’ve done something special to promote/support the growth of Dr. Horrible fandom, you deserve an award, so everyone wins!

Congratulations to all the winners, and thank you again to the judges and everyone who voted. I always secretly hoped that the ELE webseries would one day win an award and I’m very glad it was a Horrible one!

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