Chapters 1 and 2 now available as audiobook podcast!

It’s been an exciting week

I published Chapter One of my new novel, “Turning Left at Albuquerque” on Monday, and Chapter Two has been published this morning. The feedback has been very positive so far, both on the podbean site and on FriendFeed. And more than that – it’s really exciting to be producing again! I decided to use Podbean as my podcast publishing platform because other podcasters I knew were using it. It is simple to set up and free for the basic package.

New Widget and iTunes

Podbean also allows you to create a podcast player and I’ve embedded one in the right-hand side bar. This is a very handy way of letting people play your content anywhere you can put the player (and fans can add it to their sites, too). One of the steps to take is register your podcast with iTunes and this is now live. So you can search for Turning Left in iTunes and you’ll find the podcast. And if you subscribe in iTunes every episode will be automatically sent to your account for you to listen to, which is very handy.

More Editing

I’ve nearly finished my final, final polish. After conceding that 142,000 was simply too long for the novel to be considered for publishing I have taken a surgical approach to editing. Some of it has been moved to Book Two, and that will work really well. Some of it has sadly been simply removed, possibly to come back later as something else. And the rest? Well, once you start it’s addictive. Does that line add to the story? Is there a more simple way of saying that? Is it clear what this means? Even though I’ve cut out what amounts to nearly a third of the book, it is a better book for it.

Why swim against the tide? I want to be published and 100, 000 words is the benchmark amount. And, even though I had edited before, this is a whole different game. And the more I edit and polish, the more I love this book. Try the podcast and you can listen for yourself!

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