Do you have an ‘elevator pitch’? Write one and enter this comp!


The June Agent Contest has been announced this morning on Query Tracker (QT):

Here are the contest details:

* Entries will be accepted by entry form on the main site.
* You may submit your entries during the 24-hour window beginning at midnight tonight MST and ending at 11:59 Tuesday night.
* Acceptable genres are adult fiction, YA fiction, and narrative non-fiction.
* Entries should be brief 1 – 3 sentence pitches and take less than a minute.
* Ms. Glick will select the top ten winning entries. Winners will be invited to submit a partial manuscript to Ms. Glick!

An elevator pitch is a short speech that encapsulates a product in a couple of sentences. For writers it would be the speech you would give if you were fortunate enough to be in an elevator with an agent and they actually wanted to a) talk to you b) listen to you tell them about your book (it helps if you can suspend disbelief. The chances of you recognising an agent and them not pressing the ’emergency’ button the instant you reveal you are a writer with a book are, of course, very slight).


A great opportunity

Having a partial read by an accomplished agent is a brilliant prize, and Mollie Glick has years of experience (more details in the QT article and on her agency website). And more than this, creating an elevator pitch is a useful exercise. The next time one of your friends or family introduces you as a writer to someone new you will have something to tell them!

Query Tracker is a fantastic site for all book writers in the throes of querying literary agents and I am using to keep a track of all the queries I have sent and the replies I receive. 

Get writing – there is only a 24 hour window for this starting at midnight TONIGHT!

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