Upgrading versus messing (delete means it’s gone)

So, last night I upgraded WordPress to the latest version. If you run WordPress you need to keep it updated because if you don’t you leave yourself open to security risks (like most other software). Even tech bloggers can be caught out by this. Robert Scoble recently had this problem. So if you have it, keep it updated. And before you update make sure you do proper backups, just in case.

And then…..

So I updated last night, figuring if there was any problems I could fix it without  causing disruption. I use the automatic update and let WordPress handle everything, and I’ve never had a problem before. Last night the update went smoothly with no problems. But then. There were some comments that needed to be deleted. They had got past Akismet and, wanting everything squared away, I thought I’d tidy them up. I was not looking carefully and managed to delete all the comments on this blog. I know – pretty amazing, huh?!

So sorry if your comment was deleted. Please come back and leave another one. This time I promise not to start messing late at night. I’ve learned my lesson. Delete means it’s gone forever and although I could maybe restore the database and get them back, at this stage I’ve done enough messing. Ooopsie.

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