Why we write

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Sometimes you need it spelled out…

I’ve been doing much soul-searching (some might call it navel-gazing) recently and trying to really get to grips with what being a writer means. Focus, productivity and results are things I am looking forward to concentrating on more in the future. And then I saw a link on Literary Agent Janet Reid’s blog to a wonderful post by Myra McEntire called Dream Chasers (Throw Strikes).

It’s moving,  heart-warming, personal and a timely reminder that for many writers (me included) having the time (and motivation) to write is possible because of other people. Even if you are not a writer it’s a great read and is guaranteed to give a warm glow however cold it is outside.  I’m really glad I saw this today. I know how lucky I am.

THANK YOU, hubby. You are amazing.

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