Goodnight Princess: looking for the ‘Internet Play’ Niche

Evil League of Evil Applications Processing Office Award

Where will your writing take you?

I wrote my first webseries in 2008. The Evil League of Evil Applications Processing Office sprang forth after I saw Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog and was my homage to the multitude of office people that must prop up Bad Horse’s Evil Empire. The series was well received and won a “Horrible Award”, something I am very proud of.

My interest in webseries had started earlier in 2008 when I was involved in the Dr Horrible Official Fan site and stumbled across Felicia Day and her webseries, The Guild. There is much to be written about that, but for now I simply recommend you watch The Guild with the knowledge that it is written, produced and stars the multi-talented Ms Day (you can also read my reviews of The Guild Season 3 on

And now for something completely different...

Last week hubby had an idea for new webseries that was so simple, it was hilarious. We discussed it and I wrote the first draft that night. It was all going well until I thought of a twist that would change it entirely. And so Goodnight Princess was conceived. Goodnight Princess is a mini-series – an Internet Play in three acts which explores love, loss and silly voices. All in under ten minutes in total. It is low key but hopefully delivers a powerful punch. It’ll be going up on YouTube on Monday and I’ll link it here when it’s live.

Niche is King

In an interesting interview published today, new media/web entertainment veteran Kim Evey talked to Liz Shannon Miller on about her take on new media. Ms Evey has been behind (and in front) of some of the big successes in web entertainment over the last few years. She wrote and starred in the hilariously wacky Gorgeous Tiny Chicken Machine Show which ran for two seasons:

She is also producer of The Guild, which is currently in pre-production for Season 4:

In the interview Kim identified some differences between traditional and new media:

For web series in particular I would like to see people stop thinking in terms of old media models for driving viewership. Old media would have tried to change the pilot episode of The Guild to increase the show’s marketing appeal to whatever demographic it deemed the most likely for success (probably 18-34 year old male gamers). New media is the opposite — it’s niche marketing that allows instant access to people who build their own communities based on common interests, often regardless of demographics rather than because of them.

It’s hard to find a television show that is enjoyed by 13-year-old boys and 40-year-old women alike, but new media lets us cultivate a fan base with the wackiest demographic spread imaginable. Old media would probably have scoffed at the individual numbers each of these groups pull in. The web on the other hand sees these smaller groups as part of a bigger picture….”

It’s clear that there is a great deal of interest in new media and web entertainment. The second dedicated Awards event, The Streamys, was held a few weeks ago. Funding is trickling into this area from big players like Sony and Microsoft and sponsorship deals are gaining ground. Writing for the web is set to become a much bigger outlet in the future.

Goodnight Princess – being reflective on the Web

The niche we are trying to serve with the new mini-series is those people looking for something slightly less frenetic and little more cerebral. The story is there but you have to think about it a little. Things are not as they seem. I hope you enjoy it.

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