“Goodnight Princess” webseries: update

Can Short Form Drama work on the Internet?

As I said in my last post, I’ve been following the fortunes of various webseries for over two years now. I decided to create my second webseries two weeks ago after a conversation with hubby, who had had a great idea. We transformed the original idea into “Goodnight Princess” and produced this three act Internet Play. Act 1 was posted on Monday:

Working with what you have

When we launched I posted on ‘the last geek bus home‘, my everyday geek blog, about the process and rational behind the series. Partly because I wanted people to know about the series and partly to indicate that this was departure from what I’m more known for – the lighter side of life. Comedy is often more accessible to viewers than drama. Even if you are not sure you will find something funny you are more likely give it a try because comedy is seen as ‘quick entertainment’ that requires little effort on behalf of the person watching it (that isn’t to say that comedy is easy to produce – far from it).

Why an “Internet Play”?

We were looking at ways to describe Goodnight Princess. We talked about it a great deal because it is important to be able to give people an idea about what it is you are doing. Years ago, when we were in a band, we angsted for days about how to describe our music. With hindsight we should have just said “Indie-rock” and had done with it because at least it would have given people some kind of handle, however inaccurate. “Internet Play” seemed like a good way to describe this webseries because of the way it is written and filmed.

So far the feedback has been amazingly positive with comments on YouTube, Twitter, Tumblr and Direct Messages. Act 2 will be out on Monday 10th May. I hope you take the time (3 mins per Act!) to watch them and tell me what you think. This is only the beginning.

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