Writing, work and all the rest: where’s the balance?

We took an Okanagan road trip in March

We drove over the mountains to the Okanagan and stayed in Summerland and then drove all around taking in the sights. I’ve never been to desert before and I was glad it was winter – it looked like summer would be roastingly hot. The countryside was beautiful and full of promise for the coming spring. We had a great couple of days and covered nearly 1000 km.

Driving can be very therapuetic

As hubby drove we chatted and soaked up new scenery. I also did some serious writing while we were away –  I stared without thinking, enjoying the unfolding land while my subconscious had free reign. Some of my best writing is done this way – the shower is another favourite place and I know I’m not alone in that. And by that I mean lots of people are inspired in the shower, not that…well…anyway – WRITING! Yes. Because there is writing and then there is the thinking about writing. Both are necessary for success. But what I haven’t been doing enough of is NOT thinking about writing.


If you write and have a job (or are looking for one, which takes up about the same amount of time) and have a family, pets, friends…there are so many demands on your time. I often spend time in front of my Mac thinking about writing but not seeing a word appear on the page. I might surf a bit, stare into space and – wow! Lots of time gone and nothing to show for it. Then I’ll shut everything else down, settle in for some writing and – the phone rings. Or the kids come home from school. Or the dog throws up.

Coquihalla winter beauty (all rights reserved)

Views like these deserve some attention, yo!

Taking a break

No matter that I’m doing, in the background is a constant chatter of characters, the rearranging of formats and ideas for the non-fiction things, and it sometimes feels like I’m never off duty even when I’ve not written a word. So…I need to change that. Even though I know surfing and thinking and idling are all important parts of writing I’m staking steps to do things that are completely unconnected. So when I’m walking the dog I’m looking at the amazing scenery that surrounds me and not getting my protagonist out out his latest scrape. When I’m making the dinner I’m stirring the sauce and not making a new set of bullet points.

The summer is here and my days will soon be filled with kids and lakes and “Mum, I’m bored…”. And I’m determined to have a good summer. I’ll still be writing, but I’ll be making time to be consciously not not-writing, too.

How do you keep it all balanced?

Please share you thoughts!

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