Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog: The Book

A Writer is…In Print?

Dr Horrible's Sing-Along Blog: The Book

Last week Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog: The Book was published that hit a couple of high notes for me:

1. It is the first book about a webseries, and that is definitely something to be happy about since we are in production of our new webseries at the moment.

2. It’s by Joss Whedon and the team he gathered for Dr Horrible – people that I admire and respect.

3. My name and some of my words are in it.

Yes, you read that correctly. I have a whole page in the book!

Next stop – the world?

I admit that I’m pretty happy about having a tiny part in this book’s production. A whole page, in fact. When I wrote to P J Haarsma asking for an interview about the remote control he designed for Dr Horrible I had no idea that two and a half years later parts of that interview would be published. It goes to show that you just never know what happens. You get you head down, get the work done and out there, and sometimes good things come back.

If you are a fan of Joss Whedon then there is plenty to love in this book. I reviewed it over on PinkRayGun.com, so if you decide to buy a copy don’t skip over page 23 🙂

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