Bestovus, your new holiday eve, holiday eve

Say no to the Turducken
Say no to the turducken and yes to the best of us

I haven’t watched much Seinfeld. I’ve forced myself to watch a fair bit Curb Your Enthusiasm but there is only so much buttock-clenching second-hand embarrassment I can take. I do like the idea of Festivus, though. Why not have new traditions that allow people  to vent, especially at a time of year when tensions run so high? Bring it on.

Maybe there is room for one more celebration, though. On Festivus Eve I would humbly like to suggest another tradition: Bestovus.

Bestovus Praise Pole: Yeah, we need one. All ideas gladly reviewed. A place to hang your Bestovus shares.

Bestovus Dinner: I’m going to say this probably has to be vegetarian, or even vegan. Possibly a nutloaf of some description. It clears the bowels in preparation for the upcoming carn-fest and prepares diners for the Tweets of Cerring-do and the Dish of Delight.

Tweets of Cerring-do: Can the acts of kindness you air out-do anyone else? A time to celebrate those around you who have made the world a better place, and a chance for you to remember the good things you have done this year. If you like, post about it on your favourite social media site and take the opportunity to honour the people who have made a difference. We might not know what their names are, but we can still honour them. Who are the best of us?

Homemade chocolate delight
Homemade chocolate delight

Dish of Delight: A homemade dessert that symbolises the gifts you’ve witnessed over the year. The sky is the limit on this one. It can be edible or not; the only thing it must be is uplifting.

Bestovus Miracles: Who knows what might happen if we take the time to celebrate the good around us?

Who will you nominate for Bestovus?

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