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Top Ten Reasons Why You Will Fail in 2014

Cake construction part 1
First, make sure you have the basic ingredients


If you have spent any time around successful people, what did you notice about the things they do? That they were filled with purpose? That things always seem to go right for them? That they had a plan, and they followed it to the letter?

Maybe all of the above?

I can tell you one thing that they probably didn’t do: waste time reading a list of reasons they will fail.

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Second, start putting it together

The unexpected can happen to the best of us, but good planning means that any hiccups on the way can usually be treated as road bumps rather than stop signs.  Taking a detour can add time, but that doesn’t mean we won’t get there.

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Build with confidence

Having to reassess, refocus or even start again is all part of the process. It doesn’t mean that the project is worthless, you are stupid, or you will never finish.

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Keep doing the work

I have done some ridiculous things, scary things, and worthy things. Some of the things I’ve done did not seem to bear fruit, even after 10 years. Or 15. But everything I’ve done has lead me to where I am now.

Cake construction part 5
Keep faith

There are not ten top reasons why you will fail in 2014. There are an infinite amount. And only one: if you give up, you have failed. If you pause, take stock, take a new tack or get help, you have not failed.

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Sweet success

Nothing is wasted unless you want it to be.

Build. Work. Love. Live.

What will you create in 2014?

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