Tiny Stories #1

Teddy bear with sweater vest and mirror shades
Cool like you

“The thing is..” (nope, you don’t understand) “..is that people weren’t meant to live past 30 anyway..” (30 is a pretty random number, right?) “..so basically we have to die of something.” (spare me!)

The sigh was louder than expected, and Tig glanced up from the phone to squint at Quin.

“That’s definitely a theory, T.” Quin wasn’t too interested in either the theory or the pretence of being interested in the theory, and eased off the concrete block, releasing skin from jeans in the process.

“But it makes sense, right? No sabre-tooth penguins to eat us, so nature has to invent new ways to cull the herd!”

“Like cell phones and memes?” Quin rummaged in pockets, collecting change for the bus. “Shit!”


“Got any bus tickets? Keep forgetting they don’t take money now.”

“Nope. I’ll give you a ride. Going home?”

“No, station. It’s ok. I’ll walk and see if I can find Pel on the way. You head off before a vampire goat gets you!”

Tig grunted and stood up to leave.

“Think about it. Too many people, not enough food and stuff – it’s going to happen!”

“Maybe it will. No point in worrying about it, though. If it’s coming, it’s coming. End of.”

“End of the world!” Tig laughed and pushed away from the wall. “See ya – or not!”

Quin mumbled a goodbye as they parted, and set out for the station. Pel would have an idea what was happening, and might even come to the station. It was getting colder, and there was no way anyone wanted to be out in the open when it got dark.

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