Goodnight Princess

Goodnight Princess screen shot from Act 1 of this webseries

Goodnight Princess:  A Webseries

In April 2010 I wrote an Internet Play with hubby. It started off as a comedy, but as we discussed  the idea it quickly transformed itself into a shortform drama exploring love, loss and silly voices. Episodes were released weekly. Act 1 was released on YouTube on my account on May 3rd 2010, Act 2 May 10th and Act 3 May 17th. An omnibus of all three Acts together will be released on May 24th. All three Acts together last less than 10 minutes.

Online Shortform Drama – Exploring New Ground

There is a lack of shortform drama webseries – or if they are around, they are not well known. I’ve been following developments in the webseries world for over two years. Most webseries are comedies, and most are between 6 and 12 episodes per season. Goodnight Princess is different on both these scores. but our hope is that there is an audience for this type of webseries. Where access to distribution used to be the sticking point for artists in the past, connecting to potential audiences is the key now. Anyone can self-publish a webseries, book, song these days – but finding people who will be interested is another thing entirely.

Sets and set ups

The set is simple and the camera is static, as it would be for a play. There are no distracting camera movements and minimal use of effects, and the actors are only shown from the neck down. This is for two reasons. Firstly, this is a was to further reduce clues to what the story is about by removing facial expression. Secondly, neither of us wanted to bother with makeup. Practicalities FTW.


Viewers have given overwhelmingly positive feedback to Goodnight Princess, with comments direct on YouTube and many via my @worldofhiglet Twitter account. There have been different interpretations of what is going on in the story. The ending took some people by surprise, moving some to tears.


We will be making more webseries, and some of these will be more shortform drama. Goodnight Princess has been a very successful experiment so far, and I hope we can bring it to a wider audience.

Act 1

Act 2

Act 3

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  1. Awww that’s sweet. And also sad. Did the little girl die or did she grow up and move away or something? I think she died so that made me cry. Of course I also may be hormonal, but that’s so sad. Up until that point I thought it was funny and cute and very mildly Pythonesque (as someone mentioned on the YouTube channel). The voices were really great. And it was funny at the end of the second one where the story ended.

    Man, now I want Paul to narrate my podcast so I don’t have to do it LOL.

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