Hello – and welcome!

I am a writer of  both fiction and non-fiction (but I’m not Mary Higgins Clark). My background is in education IT, technical writing and data management. I am also a passionate user of Social Media. I write for several sites and also create web videos – webseries, interviews and stand-alone videos.

Potted recent history

In August 2007 I moved to Canada from England with my family. After years in the Education IT sector I had the opportunity to work at home for a start-up Health Informatics company.

In February 2008 I launched ‘the last geek bus home‘. I blogged under the name ‘WorldofHiglet‘, an online name I had had for several years (and incidentally the name of a series of children’s books I had written).  I have interviewed some fantastic people like actor/writer/producer Felicia Day, author P J Haarsma and actor/producer Kim Evey.

My recent webseries, ‘Mind My Brains, Darling!’ was released in 2011 and my radio play ‘Bumper to Bumper’ will air on Radio Slovenia in January 2012. As a consultant I help small business create websites and connect with people. In 2012 I will also be publishing my first novel as an eBook.

I also write for other websites such as PinkRaygun.com and Whedonage.com as ‘worldofhiglet’. Please see my Portfolio for more examples of my work.

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