Who or what is WorldofHiglet?

Good question.

Oh – you wanted an answer? Well, it’s simple. WorldofHiglet is the online persona I adopted some time ago in order to protect the innocent (me). Like other creations made by people called Mary (I’m thinking of Shelley rather than anything else) this creation has taken on a life of it’s own, without the use of lightning. As WorldofHiglet I’ve been blogging for over a year at ‘the last geek bus home‘. Yes. I am geek.

WorldofHiglet lives on, has a blog  and a rich life online. That isn’t going to be changing. Higlet, WoH, Higley, etc – these are all names I respond to. I’ve had a great time posing as a pink fluffy and I’m not stopping now. It’s just I have to earn my keep, too, so I have had to de-cloak. A little. Many people only think of me as Higlet and that’s fine by me.

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